The jerk below responded to my profile on a dating site. I think he might be a little Jaded, angry and single forever! wow is all I can say! yeah he might not be the guy for me:


“In other words – you are looking for a Sugar Daddy.  Someone who dresses to the 9’s most of the time.  Good for you!  But I bet you would enjoy life a tad bit more if you let your hair down (or, better yet, put it in a pony tail) and put on some flops.  But at least you didn’t say (in your profile) that you run 6 miles a day before breakfast, go to work and then take a 30 minute break (lunch) biking while throwing down 3 bottles of water and and 2 nutrition bars and then going rock climbing before getting home – all before 6pm!  —  I think I’ve heard it all now.”