lights are on, nobody's home

I have known this guy on and off for years. He has issues, like umm he still lives with his momma. Oh, but the house is split, so it’s like he really doesn’t (wink, wink). Sorry, got distracted and I am Moving on….

Anyway, my guy and I decided to have dinner together that night. We had texted and talked to each other earlier in the day and we confirmed plans.

I get ready and I still have not heard from loverboy.  I call an hour later, text and still nothing.  So, at this point I am not sure if I should be worried or upset.  I decide to drive over an hour to his house. Yes, I was seriously starting to worry and/or suspect something was not right. We all that something ain’t right meter in us.  Normally this guy does not ignore my calls or texts.  I finally get to his house around 11pm and all the lights are on but no one answers the door. I can hear the TV, so there must be someone home.  I check the door and it’s unlocked.  I open the door and his pets greet me, yes animals love me!  I am even more confused as I walk around the house, almost all the lights are on. There are even 2 Televisions that are on. There must be someone here… so I check all the rooms.  Still no sign of my guy.  So, I call the guy again and now it is around midnight. He finally answers, “At this point, my worried has turned to anger”, and I am like “Where the hell are you?”  He processed to tell me, he is at home in his bed.  Just to make sure I did not overlook him in his bed… I go to such bed and I am like, “Oh, Really, so ummm how do you explain that I am in your house and you are not here?”  I so wish I could have seen his face.  He then begins to tell me he is sorry, he had a bad day and he went out with his best friend… Anyone else buying this BS?  Yeah, I am not either! Needless to say… NEXT!!!!


I was dating this guy for a few months.  He had quite a few issues that I can’t even list. I decide to overlook them, because we do have a good time together and I am single and why the hell not. I stick in there, niether of us commiting to each other and just seeing where it goes.  So, he invites me up one night to have a nice dinner, he made reservations. He seemed excited to see me and take me out.  In my mind, I am ready and thinking this could be a great romantic night together.  So, he lives over and hour and half away. I drive to his place and upon arrival he meets me and tells me to bring my things up and we will walk to the resturaunt. He lives in the city and so we decide to walk about a mile to this resturaunt. The resturaunt, was very upscale and I am dressing looking hot as ever.  He orders a glass of wine (even though he is a recovering alcoholic and not supposed to-hence one of his MANY Issues). I order a glass of water, as to not encourage his alocholic tendencies. Immediately, as we are seated he begins to act weird.  He begins to stare off at someone or something. I ask if he is ok, he then chugs his glass of wine down (liquid courage) I am still clueless to what is about to happen. I am expecting a nice dinner, romantic  night.. the words that came next shocked and angered me as he said to me, “I just can’t do this. It is is not working out”. He dumped in the resturaunt! No Dinner, No nice nothing and I drove and  hour and a half for this BS! Now all I wanted to do was dump my water all over him and had my things not been at his place and my car a mile away I just might have. I maintained my compsure and walked the mile back not saying a word, steaming in my head that I drove over an hour and half to be dumped! What idiot does that and why take me out to a very expensive resturaunt. It is like he thought of the worse twisted way of how to dump a woman. No, he could not call and do it.  No he could not email me, no he could not text like most would. I am still completely dumb founded on how some men can be total assholes. This man gets the douche bag of douche bag awards of all time!!! 

I live outside of Atlanta. I was married for 16 years and have 2 children that I share 50/50 custody. I’ve been single since October 2009. Dating has changed so much. We didn’t have the internet to date. I am sharing my dating stories and I hope you laugh, cry and scream, hell no at times. Enjoy!!!


You got to love the profiles of men that say they love the lord in one sentence and then send you an email like this:

“You look great as a brunette and I bet you have a hot little pussy”

Do you think he was talking about my cat, tiger??? Roar!!!!